"Give the girl a dress and she's stylish for a day, teach a girl to dress and she can be stylish for a lifetime"

Let’s be honest, the market is completely saturated with wardrobe stylist, some of which give the profession a bad reputation. You scroll on Instagram or Facebook and find several “stylist”, but none of them are me!   I would love to remain humble and say I’m just an ordinary girl, but truth is, the more I evolve into the woman I want to be the more I realize I’m the shit! That’s the exact feeling I want for you. An unshakable feeling of style esteem!

Let me be the catalyst between you and a better version of you! What separates me from my competitors is my love and dedication to the craft. I hold a BA in Fashion Marketing and have spent countless hours studying and redefining my craft to better service you. I want to help you develop a personal style that you can be proud of. One that speaks to your personality, sense of style, and lifestyle.